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MDDTC has a President; a Committee of nine members plus the Head Trainer ex officio; and a varying number of Trainers, Assistant trainers and other Helpers who run the Club.


MDDTC President, Carol has trained her dogs at MDDTC for over 30 years, including Labradors, and Shetland Sheepdogs. She has also worked them in Agility, Competition Obedience and Ringcraft. She is a Life Member of the Club and took over as President at our AGM in 2015.

Our Chairman, Sarah, is also one of our trainers, is a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and is working towards becoming a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor. She has three dogs: Daisy is a springer x collie, Poppy (left) is a springer x cocker and Alfie is a crossbreed. Sarah joined the club with Poppy in 2009. Poppy is strong willed, but also anxious. Taking classes has really helped. Poppy is now much more confident around people, has gained her Gold Good Citizen award and also competes in agility. Alfie trains with Sarah or her partner, Ben, and achieved his Siler Good Citizen in Summer 2016.

Head Trainer, Rachel, is an Accredited Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT Member 504) and attends courses regularly to update her skills. She leads the Puppy team, as well as taking other classes. She has been a member of the Club since 1990, when she joined with her first dog, Tiggy, a Labrador cross. Rachel's current dogs are Flat-coat Retrievers, Echo and Ziva, who do working Gundog training as well as working through the Good Citizen awards at MDDTC.

Kim G is Club Secretary. She joined in 1999 with Flat Coat Retriever, Daisy, since when she has trained a second "Flattie", Bramble at the Club. Kim has a qualification in Pet First Aid from Pershore College, and is a joint trainer or assistant trainer with various classes. Her new FCR puppy, Nettie, is currently in a Junior class.


Barbara, our Treasurer, is a retired teacher and one of the Puppy Team, also assisting in different classes as needed. She enjoys walking and competing in Agility with her dogs, helping with local Riding for the Disabled, and stewarding at The Greyfriars in Worcester. She owns Flat-Coat Retriever, Angus (right), who is her 9th "Flattie". She has been coming to MDDTC since a previous dog, Breeze, was a puppy, and Breeze and Travis worked their way through to the Advanced Class, both dogs gaining Gold Good Citizen. Angus has completed puppy classes and now works at Junior level. Barbara has two Open College Network awards from Pershore College: Canine Behaviour and Dog Trainer Skills.

Ann and Paul joined MDDTC in 1990 with German Shepherd, Sheba. Ann has served on the Committee since 1998 (currently as Trophy Steward). She took the Association of Pet Dog Trainers' Preliminary Practical Course in 2001, when she started teaching the Intermediate / Silver classes, and now takes classes at all levels. She has two Open College Network awards in dog training and behaviour from COAPE: Think Dog! and Talk Dog, and an OCN Advanced award from Alpha Education: Think Dog! Advanced. Paul is one of the Puppy team and when he can, handles their dogs in class. Both Ann and Paul have a Pet First Aid certificate from Pershore College. Their current GSD, Candi (left), is the third GSD they have trained at MDDTC and she gained Silver Good Citizen in 2016.


Sarah is our Membership Secretary, dealing with enquiries and organising entry level classes. She has been a member of the Puppy Team for many years, currently taking a break to look after her young family. When she can she works her Cocker Spaniel, Spook (left), at Advanced level. Spook passed Silver Good Citizen in 2009.

Kim B is Puppy Class administration coordinator and team teacher; and Kennel Club liaison for the Good Citizen Awards. A long-standing member of the Club, she attends classes with her Working Cocker Spaniels: Hera, who has Gold Good Citizen and works at Advanced level; and Jess, who has completed puppy classes and now works at Junior level.

Sue is an experienced assistant trainer, joining MDDTC in 2010; and now helping with various classes including Beginners. She became interested in dog behviour when she adopted a very nervous Collie x Saluki, Cassie, and has two Open College Network awards from Pershore College: Canine Behaviour and Canine Training and Behaviour. Sue and Cassie compete regularly in UKA and Kennel Club Agility with mixed success but have had 2 wins which make up for the not so good days! She also has Buddie, a rescued Border Collie, who has Silver Good Citizen and works at Advanced level, and Jinks, her new Collie who has just completed puppy classes.

Pete has been a committee member since 2005. He joined MDDTC in 2003 with GSD, Amy in 2003, attaining Silver Good Citizen. His current dogs are terrier cross, Ollie, and Chocolate Labrador, Roxy, who has completed her puppy classes and now trains at Imporver level.


Penny joined the committee lin 2010 but has been training at MDDTC since she joined puppy classes with Black Labrador, Teal (right), in 2006.  They have progressed through the Good Citizen Scheme with the club and Teal now holds the Gold award. They currently work at advanced level. Penny's first dog was a small collie bitch who she and her husband 'bought' for a bottle of wine when they were working in Wales and who reached 19 years old! Penny is our Catering Steward and one of the Puppy Team.


Kate, a Vet Nurse, joined MDDTC in 2013 with her husband, Pete, and Border Terriers Bracken and Toggle. She is our most recent committee member, joining in 2016. Bracken and Toggle both have Silver Good Citizen and train at Advanced level.

Niki joined in 2014, becoming interested in assisting classes after conducting a small research project with the assistance of MDDTC for her BTEC Level 3 Animal Management course at South Worcestershire College. She also has an open college network award from Pershore College on Canine Behaviour. After qualifying, the college offered her a position as an Animal Technician looking after the welfare of a variety of animals. Niki has a lab x springer called Freya (with Niki, right), three rescue cats and a rescue bearded dragon! She has a passion for dogs and understanding their behaviour became an interest after a work placement at WARS. Niki helps with classes at all levels.


Jackie joined the committee a short time after after moving into the area and starting classes with one of her dogs, Dexter, at the beginning of 2013. She has a degree in animal behaviour, but as dog behaviour was categorically missed out on this course she began to learn more by shadowing and helping out at classes, since when she has become an assistant trainer and now trains classes at Junior and Intermediate levels. Jackie has lived with a total of 9 rescue dogs and currently has two ex RSPCA dogs, Misty and Dexter (above). Dexter passed Bronze Good Citizen in 2014. Sadly, Misty has lost her sight, so Jackie has a new challenge to care for and train a blind dog.

Sarah started as an assistant trainer and also working her Border Collie, Dylan, in 2015. Dylan has achieved Bronze and Silver Good Citizen. She also has a terrier, and fosters rescue dogs. Sarah helps with classes at various levels.

Laura joined MDDTC in 2016 to gain some experience with training and handling dogs, after completing her Psychology degree at Swansea University. She now assists with various classes at different levels.

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